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Karen Stevens
via Google

Vision Martial Arts puts a great deal of emphasis on what many schools look at as the "positive side effects" of being in martial arts... at Vision its the focus to develop kids who are confident, self-assured, strong and determined - and to do it through learning and mastering martial arts. Master LeMat is fantastic at teaching kids self-discipline through positive learning experiences. All of the senior instructors are great - my kids enjoy every one of them. But I do need to say a special thank you to Mr. Karim who has made both of my kids believe they can get to black belt through his encouragement and thoughtful teaching style.

Shikha Gupta
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This is a great Martial Arts studio. They don't just teach karate, but also other qualities like confidence, discipline and respect. My kid has been here for almost a year and progressed very well. The instructors are amazing and the lessons are a great balance between serious learning and fun time. Highly recommend Vision Martial Arts for everyone .. Kids or adults.

Valerie Nygaard
via Google

Peter R-M has a gift. I saw him teach a class this evening with 9 elementary school boys, and he held their attention and respect throughout the hour in such a lovely way. He was charismatic and fun, but all with an undertone of discipline. His instruction was clear, and the mix of basics, challenges, drills and games felt thoughtful and intentional. If a child was momentarily disruptive, Mr. R-M provided an immediate but respectful correction. When I asked my very active 7 year old how he felt after class, he said “Calm. You said we can go back Saturday. How many days away is that?” Enough said.

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